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Barbecues | Ep #74

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This week we start off another summer by defining what constitues a good 'cue, and then Drew attempts to throw John's social anxiety on the grill. Who wants seconds? 
Show Notes: 
01:05 Colloquial 'cue
03:20 Brazier
03:35 Barbecue nation
11:55 BBQ staples
19:03 Interlude: ZZ Top: "Bar-B-Q"
20:08 Sauce
21:30 Billy Mitchell
30:15 Interlude: DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince: "Summertime"
39:50 Drew's intervention
41:30 Barbecue types
49:30 Interlude: Nat King Cole: "Rifin' at the Bar-B-Q"
50:10 Lawn games
55:30 Slip n' Slide / Crocodile Mile / Wet Banana

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Barbecues | #74

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