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Bests 2013 | Ep #103


There are a lot of "best" lists on the internet, but this one is hosted by us. 

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Show Notes
00:58 Caveat emptor
03:55 Awards Shows | Ep #58
06:50 Best Movie: Sweet Smell of Success (John) / The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Drew)
11:12 Late Nite Grindhouse
11:57 Best Books: After Visiting Friends (John) / Ready Player One (Drew)
18:30 Interlude: John Cena & Tha Trademarc: "The Time Is Now"
19:05 Best TV Show: Fringe (Drew) / WWE Raw (John)
27:45 Best Internet Video: 1987 Crystal Light Aerobics Championship (Drew) / BBC Neanderthal High-pitched Voice Theory (John)
32:50 Interlude: "Aerobics Champion Theme"
33:25 Best Link: Mental Floss Interview with Bill Watterson (Drew) / Zen Pencils: Roger Ebert on Kindness (John)
39:08 Best Band: The Copyrights (Drew) / Beach Fossils (John)
42:30 Best Album: The Copyrights: Learn the Hard Way (Drew) / Menzingers: On the Impossible Past (John)
46:25 Interlude: The Copyrights: "Button Smasher"
47:25 Best Song: The Copyrights: "Button Smasher" (Drew) / The Orwells: "Who Needs You" (John)
48:58 Best Live Show; Elway / The Copyrights / Masked Intruder (Drew) / Flaming Death Trap / The Men (John)

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