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Ep #124 | Mythology, Jurassic Jerks, and the Edge of Tomorrow

This week we burst forth from Zeus's forehead (or Jabba's mouth) with a packed discussion on the wacky, superhero-like powers and origin stories behind popular mythological figures. Metus in the Pantheon, won't you? 

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
02:02 Our next 1984 Retrospectacular: Ghostbusters

The Percolator 
03:01 Moments That Changed the Movies: Jurassic Park 
03:52 Ep #77: Jurassic Park (Part 1) 
05:50 Stan Winston | Phil Tippett
12:30 Interlude: Jurassic 5: "Quality Control"
13:20 Jurassic World publicity stills
15:05 Mondo Jurassic Park soundtrack on vinyl
15:50 Drew's review of Edge of Tomorrow

20:35 Interlude: Beach House: "Myth"

Feature: Mythology
24:01 Egyptian mythology | Greek mythology 
28:30 Bastet / Bast
29:30 Horus
30:42 Stargate 
38:05 Norse mythology 
44:57 Beholders
45:30 Interlude: The Police: "Wrapped Around Your Finger"
47:50 Poseidon's Fury
49:10 Artemis
53:50 Clash of the Titans
54:17 Bubo
56:45 American Gods


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