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Ep #123 | Burgers, Levar Burton, and a Bunch of Addendums

This week, the Prefatorium catches up, Diana strikes back, and we chow down. 

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
04:20 Addendum (Ep #97: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back) | Empire Strikes Back Voted the Greatest Film of All Time
07:30 Addendum (Ep #121: Humor)
15:30 Addendum (Ep #122: Hobbies)
17:19 Addendum (Ep #108: Roleplaying)
18:32 Addendum (Ep #112: Grocery Stores)
27:10 Comic Book Men | Toy Hunter
31:05  Addendum (Ep #109: Museums)

33:50 Interlude: "Reading Rainbow Opening Theme"

The Percolator
34:30 Reading Rainbow Kickstarter
39:05 Drew's review of Masked Intruder's M.I. 

42:15 Interlude: Charley Pride: "Burgers and Fries"

Feature: Burgers
58:10 Ep #57: Breakfast
1:03:15 Good Burger

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