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Ep #122 | Hobbies, Dave Murray, Godzilla, and Advance Album Streams

Grab your stamp collection and climb aboard our audio robin horse. 

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
00:48 Addendums (Addendums 08): Bad audio | Nick's review of Frozen
03:50 Addendum (Ep #120: The News): Dave Murray 

06:50 Interlude: Masked Intruder: "Crime Spree"

The Percolator
08:37 Drew's review of Godzilla
09:30 Cinemassacre's Godzillathon
12:46 Interstellar trailer
13:30 Edge of Tomorrow trailer 1 | trailer 2
14:20 Minority Report trailer
16:55 War of the Worlds trailer
17:41 Masked Intruder M.I. album stream
19:18 Advance album streams

20:15 Interlude: Wavves: "Baseball Cards"

Feature: Hobbies
21:45 "Hobby"
25:15 Latch hook
30:48 "Bruised Not Beaten"
31:37 Batman (1989) art gallery scene
41:06 Grand Illusions
42:45 Apiarists 
43:50 Interlude: Bobbie Vee "The Birds and Bees"
45:30 Warhammer


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