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Ep #134 | Royal Families, Gimme Awards, and Farm Animals

God save the queen; guest Hourchivist Jennifer is here this week to school us on royal families (or would that be "university" us?). Bollocks. 

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium 
01:45 Addendums: Ep #133 | Hourchive Roulette

07:50 Interlude: Ned's Atomic Dustbin: "Kill Your Television"

The Percolator
08:45 The Emmy Awards

07:20 Interlude: Spin Doctors: "Two Princes"

Feature: The Royal Family
33:09 King Ralph 
34:20 Prince Albert in a Can
36:05 Privy council 
40:10 Grace and favour
41:30 The royal wedding
46:05 Interlude: Adam and Joe: "The Royal Wedding Song"
51:20 The Romanovs and Bolsheviks

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