The Hourchive

A conversation about everything, one hour at a time

The Hourchive is a conversation about everything, one hour at a time.

Ep #133 | Hourchive Roulette

It's rapid-fire Hourchiving this week as you set the topics up and we knock them down. P-ting!

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Show Notes
03:45 The tube

05:00 Interlude: Bruce Springsteen: "Roulette"

05:38 Bean bag chairs (Adam)
08:30 Morgan Freeman (Adam)
13:10 Pie vs. cake (Karen)
16:20 The Weather Channel (Karen)
20:03 Thundersnow
21:26 Love (Nick)

24:30 Interlude: Sweet: "Love is Like Oxygen"

25:30 Secret menus (Nick)
26:20 Chipotle "secret" menu
27:20 "Andy's coming!" 
29:25 Baseball caps (Diana) 
29:40 Ep #122 | Hobbies
33:25 Cephalopods (Nick) 
38:40 Fishing (Nick) 
42:11 Gravy (Adam)
44:53 VHS vs. Betamax (Adam) 
49:34 Lambs (Adam) 
54:03 Fad diets (Nick)
56:40 Picnic food (Diana)