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Interstitial 01 | September 2014

It's an episode-long steep in the Percolator as we take a break from regular business and welcome back guest Hourchivists Ashley and Jennifer for a round of rapid-fire random Hourchiving. 

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Show Notes

The Prefatorium 
02:30 Introducing "Interstitials"
02:55 Flowers in the Attic
08:50 Addendums: Ep #134 | Royal Families

15:25 Interlude: The Cure: "In Between Days"

The Percolator 
17:10 Missouri Botanical Garden Japanese Festival
19:30 Segway company owner rides scooter off cliff, dies
27:50 Glenn Danzig Recording EP of Elvis Presley Covers

34:15 Interlude: Doobie Brothers: "What a Fool Believes" 

48:10 Icebreakers
50:10 Slumber parties

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Ep #135 | YouTube, Newsrooms, and Lizard Babies