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Ep #188 | ORCumentary, Crimson Peak, and Death Stargazing

Awesome Spooky Month continues as we welcome the Hourchive's first celebrity guest, Orc Adams of monster metal band and YouTube sensation ORCumentary.

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
01:30 Guest Hourchivist: Orc Adams of ORCumentary

02:55 Joan Jett & The Blackhearts: "Crimson and Clover"

The Percolator
04:30 Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster
13:05 Crimson Peak trailer

17:45 ORCumentary: "Into Their Cavernous Hole We Plunge"

Feature: ORCumentary
21:00 "Blood" Live in Hot Topic
23:30 Orc Happy Growls and Keyboard Mayhem
40:35 ORCumentary: "He Drank Deep from His Mug"
44:30 Destroy the Dwarves
53:40 ORCumentary: "The Octogenarian"

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