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Ep #187 | Spooky Mixtape 2015

Get out of the grave and get ready to party. We've assembled another soundtrack of spooky tunes to carry you through the month. Also, happy birthday, Drew! 

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
01:03 Comments: Ep #186 | Halloween Costumes

05:05 Interlude: Leonard Cohen: "The Future"

The Percolator
06:20 October 21, 2015
08:10 Jaws 19 trailer
08:20 Pepsi Perfect commercial
12:05 Hoverboard commercial

15:10 Interlude: Danny Elfman: "Introduction (Sleepy Hollow)"

Feature: Spooky Mixtape 2015
16:15 Spooky Mixtapes: 2013 | 2014
17:20 Aquabats: "The Cat with Two Heads"
20:15 Joy Division: "Dead Souls"
26:25 September Girls: "Left Behind"
29:50 Don't Stop Or We'll Die: "Blood"
35:15 ORCumentary: "The Big Troll Booth in the Sky"
00:00 The Cramps: "Surfin' Dead"
00:00 Dead Man's Bones: "Werewolf Heart"
00:00 The Like: "Wishing He Was Dead"
00:00 MC Lars: "Mr. Raven"
00:00 Son of Sam: "Michael"

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