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Ep #186 | Halloween Costumes, the Ebook Inferiority Complex, and the Best Movie Theater in St. Louis

Awesome Spooky Month howls back to life as we recap our favorite Halloween costumes, lament our lesser efforts, argue for authenticity and confront the "sexy _____" phenomenon. 

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Show Notes
03:10 Interlude: Laurent Korcia: "Cinema Paradiso"

The Percolator
03:55 Best Movie Theatre in St. Louis: Hi-Pointe Theatre
04:35 Ep #140 | Midnight Movies  
04:50 Ep #48 | Movie Theaters

14:15 Interlude: Bauhaus: "Mask"

Feature: Costumes
18:20 Devil's Night
21:30 Samhain
52:15 Drew's panda costume



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