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Ep #156 | Hourchive Roulette

P-ting! It's another round of rapid-fire Hourchiving this week, and our six-shooter of subjects is loaded up with monkeys, MacGuffins, and more. 

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The Prefatorium
01:57 Comments: Ep #155 | PBS

05:30 Interlude: Banner Pilot: "Spanish Reds"

The Percolator
07:45 Crimson Peak trailer
11:01 Great British Bake-off

14:40 Interlude: Grace Potter & The Nocturnals: "Roulette"

Feature: Hourchive Roulette
16:45 Orangutans (Adam)
21:49 Back-to-school week (Jennifer)
23:04 "No! Rules" folders
26:30 Great MacGuffins of cinema (Nick) 
33:50 Mythical creatures (Deanna)
34:30 Dog days of summer (Karen)
40:18 Quilting (Adam) 
44:10 Countries we'd most like to visit (Karen) 
48:24 Anchovies (Adam)
53:05 Dip (Nick) 

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