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Ep #155 | PBS, the Blink-182 Breakup, and Crystal Budweiser

It's pledge drive time, but we don't want your dollars; just your ears. And maybe a tote bag or two. Come and meet the Letter People of the Public Broadcasting System, and the Rob Liefeld of pop-punk. 

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
01:01 Comments on Ep #154 | Super Bowl XLIX
01:20 USA Today 2015 Ad Meter
10:10 SportsCenter Commercials: Ladanian Tomlinson | "Best hands in the NFL" | "Megatron" | Mascots (1, 2, 3)

11:30 Interlude: Blink-182: "Natives"

The Percolator
12:40 Tom Delonge Leaves Blink-182 Indefinitely | Tom Delonge Responds to Blink-182 Fallout
25:50 Better Call Saul 

27:45 Interlude: Reading Rainbow theme song

Feature: PBS
29:19 Public Broadcasting System
34:40 KETC (The Nine Network)
41:35 The Letter People
41:55 Reading Rainbow
53:17 Red Dwarf
54:20 Red Green
1:00:30 Downton Abbey

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