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Ep #200 | Back to the Future, the Image Comics Documentary, and Statistically Proven Punk

You don't need roads to join us for a 1.21-jiggawatt journey through what just might be the greatest movie ever made. 

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
04:30 Comments: Ep #199 | Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Part Two) and David Bowie

08:10 NOFX: Punk Guy

The Percolator
09:00 The Image Revolution
10:30 Data Analyst Uses Data to Prove That Blink-182 is Indeed "Punk"

16:05 Johnny B Goode (Back to the Future)

Feature: Back to the Future
19:20 52 Reasons Why Back to the Future is the Best Movie Ever

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Ep #199 | Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Part Two) and the Enduring Appeal of David Bowie