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Ep #201 | Back to the Future Part II, the Hateful Eight, and the Starvel Cinematic Universe

Sonny, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Whichever your preference, you'll want to activate your power laces and auto-dry your jacket as we dive deep into the underrated and brilliant first sequel to Back to the Future. Plus, we briefly lament the Marvelization of Star Wars while simultaneously envying Thanos' cosmic hammock.  

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
01:30 Comments: Ep #198 | Star Wars: The Force Awakens
08:48 Comments: Ep #200 | Back to the Future

14:35 Jennifer Jason Leigh: Jim Jones at Botany Bay (The Hateful Eight)

The Percolator
33:40 X-Force concept art may reveal film's lineup

34:35 Alan Silvestri: Back to the Future Part II Main Title

Feature: Back to the Future Part II
45:15 Robert Zemeckis lies about hover boards
1:03:20 Back to the Future Part III teaser

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