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Ep #240 | Holiday Movie Preview, DesignerCon, and the Auspice of Avatarland

After you're done fighting with your family, join us in the balcony of the Hourchive screening room for a bird's eye view of upcoming releases, along with a recap of D23 conference announcements and Drew's review of DesignerCon.

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
01:40 Comments: Ep #239 | Nintendo: King Creeper Edition 
04:58 Nintendo: King Creeper Edition: Adam Edition artwork

05:53 The Monorail Song (Disneyland)

The Percolator
13:50 Avatarland preview
26:04 DesignerCon
30:10 James Groman

00:00 Wehrenberg Theatres 1970s-80s theme

Feature: Holiday Movie Preview
36:16 EW's Holiday Movie Preview chart

Ep #241 | 5th Anniversary Special

Ep #239 | Nintendo: King Creeper Edition