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Ep #241 | 5th Anniversary Special

We're poppin' bottles, picking fights, and waxing nostalgic this week as guest Hourchivists Adam, Ashley, and Nick return to the show to help us celebrate five years of talking about stuff near microphones, including a look back at the origins of the show, some milestone episodes, and a typical Drew/Adam fight about comic book movies. 

Show Notes
The Prefatorium
01:35 The Mic Westfall Check
11:10 Comments: Ep #238 | What We're Up To
15:48 Comments: Ep #240 | Holiday Movie Preview

19:04 Generationals: When They Fight, They Fight

The Percolator
28:38 Nerdwriter on Batman V Superman

52:25 David Bowie: Five Years

Feature: 5th Anniversary Party

Ep #242 | Hourchive Zero

Ep #240 | Holiday Movie Preview, DesignerCon, and the Auspice of Avatarland