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Ep #244 | Troublemakers (Part 1)


We're up to no good this week, recounting stories of past transgressions against parents and teachers, trailing on about Ryan Gosling's upcoming turn as a blade runner, and getting dangerously close to talking about Rogue One

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Show Notes
01:22 Comments: Ep #242 | Hourchive Zero
03:03 Comments: Ep #243 | Undertale
04:00 Vangelis: Tears in Rain
05:12 Trailing On: Blade Runner 2049 teaser
09:45 Ep #40 Blade Runner
14:56 Alumination trailer
16:33 War for the Planet of the Apes trailer
27:52 What the Rogue One Missing Trailer Footage Tells Us About the Reshoots
28:38 Green Day: Troublemaker

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