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Ep #243 | Undertale

Guest Hourchivist "Flowey" creeps out of the comments and onto the show this week to give us a crash course in the RPG phenomenon Undertale, and the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer inspires a rare, universally positive Trailing On segment. A new era of the Hourchive is here!

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Show Notes 
The Prefatorium
04:10 Comments: Ep #241 | 5th Anniversary Special
8:40 John and Drew share a mic

08:47 The Ramones: Spider-Man

The Percolator
11:09 Trailing On: Spider-Man: Homecoming
18:50 Jurassic World 2 to have more animatronics (maybe)

24:58 Sans' Theme (Undertale)

Feature: Undertale
41:20 Sans' Skeleton Puns
56:40 The Ice Wolf Song
57:58 Undertale Soundtrack
1:07:49 The Steven Universe / Sans Connection

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