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Ep #205 | Pop Punk Mixtape, Deadpool, and King Creeper's First Date

Do you have the listen to us chime in with our picks representing the angsty, anthemic sounds of '90s pop punk?  Plus, Drew gets X-cited about yellow superhero suits, and King Creeper Nick Main recounts the best way to blow a first date. Come out and play!  

Show Notes
The Prefatorium
02:05 Comments: Ep #203 | Back to the Future Part III
09:40 Comments: Ep #202 | Hourchive Roulette
15:05 Comments: Ep #204 | DC Comics
15:40 DC Comics Reveals "Rebirth" Plans, Relaunch Coming This Summer

20:35 Color Me Badd: I Wanna Sex You Up

29:50 The Copyrights: Planet Earth Nineteen Ninety Four

Feature: Pop Punk Mixtape
36:05 Screeching Weasel: Veronica Hates Me
38:58 The Nymphs: Revolt
49:48 NOFX: Don't Call Me White
52:21 Jawbreaker: Oyster
57:47 Teen Idols: One Pill
59:43 Rancid: Ruby Soho
1:04:35 Green Day: Welcome to Paradise
1:08:20 Blink-182: Anthem
1:16:00 No Use for a Name: Why Doesn't Anybody Like Me?
1:19:10 The Get-Up Kids: Holiday

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