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Ep #206 | Escape Rooms, Cloverfield Clues, and Oscar Blues

It's an all-steep show as we go in-depth in addressing creeper comments and languidly assess Academy Award inadequacies and the phenomena of escape rooms in the Percolator.  

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
01:20 Comments: Ep #204 | 10 Cloverfield Lane
01:50 10 Cloverfield Lane Viral Begins to Reveal Backstory Connections to First Film
07:05 Cloverfield Clues
08:01 Batman v Superman final trailer
17:55 Comments: Ep #205 | Pop Punk MIxtape
18:20 Nick's TMNT photo

22:50 Pennywise: Bro Hymn

The Percolator
24:05 Escape Room St. Louis

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Ep #205 | Pop Punk Mixtape, Deadpool, and King Creeper's First Date