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Addendums 13 (Part One) | Eps #196-202

With so many crates to retrieve from the Hourchive river, we've recruited frequent guest Hourchivist Adam and Queen Creeper Ashley to join us as we revisit the first half of our most recent batch of episodes and run down Drew's list of his favorite words.  

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
11:40 Mr. Show: Pre-Taped Call-In Show

12:35 T Rex: Planet Queen

The Percolator
Trailing On:
15:20 Rogue One
22:20 Suicide Squad
24:20 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
27:28 Captain America: Civil War

30:55 Phoenix: Lisztomania

Feature: Addendums
32:20 Ep #196 | The Goonies
42:30 Ep #197 | Bests 2015
51:30 Ep #198-199 | Star Wars: The Force Awakens Part 1 | Part 2
54:20 Kylo Ren's ash table 
1:03:30 Ep #202 | Hourchive Roulette
1:26:55 John Cruise

Addendums 13 (Part Two) | Eps #200-210

Ep #211 | Hotels, B&Bs, and Disney World's Extra Money Hours