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Ep #211 | Hotels, B&Bs, and Disney World's Extra Money Hours

A brief percolation on the evolving Walt Disney World resort experience turns into an extended stay as we trade expectations and experiences involving hotels, motels, B&Bs, and other staples of the hospitality industry. 

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Show Notes
03:25 The Elliott Brothers Orchestra: Let's Dance at Disneyland

The Prefatorium
06:50 Disney Early Morning Magic may let you pay for early entry into the Magic Kingdom

22:20 The Ataris: My Hotel Year

Feature: Hotels
23:20 Ep #85 | Summer Getaways

Addendums 13 (Part One) | Eps #196-202

Ep #210 | Holidays, Zack Snyder's Questionable Defense, and the Unbound Prescience of King Creeper