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Ep #213 | Nontraditional Games, Conveyor Belt Vacations, and a Superhero v. Superhero Movie That Shall Not Be Named

Build your deck, pool your resources, and pick a townsperson to kill. Guest Hourchivist Jake joins us for Game Night in the Hourchive! 

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
03:06 Comments: Ep #212 | Resorts
07:20 The Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover

14:00 Cold Cave: Theme From Tomorrowland

The Percolator
06:30 Beach Slang are not breaking up
22:30 Multiple post-credits tags in Captain America: Civil War
39:50 Jake's Ninja Turtle HeroClix gifts

41:20 Guided by Voices: Game of Pricks

Feature: Nontraditional Games
43:35 The Dark Knight alternate reality game
45:50 Halo 2 alternate reality game
1:33:20 Splendor

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