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Ep #212 | Resorts


Your all-inclusive stay at the Hourchive resort covers everything from buffets and water aerobics to beach weirdos and sedentary sentinals. See you at the pool!

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
01:45 Comments Addendums 13 Part One | Part Two

04:05 Prince: Take Me With U

The Percolator
18:05 Blink-182 to debut new single "Bored to Death"

20:15 Bahia Principe Theme Song

Feature: Resorts
24:30 Ep #81 | Swimmin'

Ep #213 | Nontraditional Games, Conveyor Belt Vacations, and a Superhero v. Superhero Movie That Shall Not Be Named

Addendums 13 (Part Two) | Eps #200-210