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Ep #228 | Cover Songs Mixtape

Somebody shouted "Encore!" so this week we transform the Hourchive into the ultimate tribute band and run through an anthemic set of some of our favorite cover songs. 

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
01:08 Comments: Ep #227 | Reality TV

06:13 Box Car Racer: And I

The Percolator
07:25 Pursuit of Tone

17:00 Bruce Springsteen: Cover Me

Feature: Cover Song Mixtape
26:00 Goldfinger: 99 Red Balloons
29:42 Screeching Weasel: Linger
38:16 Elliott Smith: Thirteen
40:56 Rufus: Kiss the Girl
48:10 Reel Big Fish: Boss DJ
51:16 Team Perfect: Scattered
58:13 Nouvelle Vague: Making Plans for Nigel
01:01:40 Alkaline Trio: Movin' Right Along
01:12:34 The Copyrights: Locked Outside a Motel Without Shoes, a Wallet, or a Phone
01:14:56 Guided by Voices: Baba O'Riley

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