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Ep #229 | Adolescence Redux

On the eve of a milestone birthday, we check in with Hourchive youth correspondent Josh to learn about the state of teenage YouTube fame, the diminishing need for driving, and the perils of changing gamer handles.

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
02:50 Comments: Ep #227 | Reality TV
08:31 Comments: Ep #228 | Cover Songs Mixtape

11:10 The Fall: Birthday

The Percolator
17:15 Stranger Things season 2 teaser
20:44 Apple September 2016 Keynote

27:43 The Living End: Growing Up (Falling Down) 

Feature: Adolescence Redux
28:35 Ep #18 | Adolescence
30:20 The Pac-Man ghosts
47:25 The Josh on YouTube
56:05 Josh's No Man's Sky tutorial
1:04:22 Rocket League Over-Overtime

Ep #230 | Nintendo (Part 1), Half Birthdays, and a Couple of Concerts

Ep #228 | Cover Songs Mixtape