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Ep #231 | Killing Keynotes, The Mickey Mouse Club, and the Present Desert

Can Apple announcements excite us anymore? Can anything excite us anymore? This week we linger in the Percolator for a jaded jam session on tech culture, recount the days of the week according to the Mickey Mouse Club, and try to figure out when Empress Creeper Ashley should celebrate her birthday. 

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
01:10 Comments: Ep #230 | Nintendo (Part 1)
16:19 Comments: Ep #145 | Clubs
19:45 The Mickey Mouse Club theme days

20:55 All-New Mickey Mouse Club opening (season one)

The Percolator
21:50 Apple September 2016 Keynote

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Ep #230 | Nintendo (Part 1), Half Birthdays, and a Couple of Concerts