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Ep #230 | Nintendo (Part 1), Half Birthdays, and a Couple of Concerts

Up up, down down, left, right, left, just blow on the cartridge and hit the start button. We're playing with power this week as we recount the early days of Nintendo fandom, tap out our thoughts on the latest iteration of Mario, and go on an epic quest to sort out what makes the Legend of Zelda so legendary.

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
01:35 Comments: Ep #229 | Adolescence Redux

05:55 Blink-182: Dysentery Gary

The Percolator
23:20 Ep #80 | Music Festivals

27:55 Ozma: In Search of 1988

Feature: Nintendo (Part 1)
28:40 Eps #163-165 | Video Games Part 1 and Part 2
32:12 Bestselling Nintendo Games

Ep #231 | Killing Keynotes, The Mickey Mouse Club, and the Present Desert

Ep #229 | Adolescence Redux