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Ep #246 | Bests 2016

We start off 2017 with a look back at the stuff that meant the most to us in 2016, a requisite argument about Star Wars, and a new set of nicknames for every host on the show (Happy Hourchive New Year from Buckaboo, Showboat, Slimkins, and Lamon Dindeldoff. 

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Show Notes
02:58 Comments: Ep #244 and #245 | Troublemakers
05:18 Dr. Zaius (The Simpsons)
15:05 Rogue One spoilers
41:27 One Direction: Best Song Ever
43:40 Best movie
52:27 Best album
59:17 Best video game
1:14:24 Best Drew
1:14:35 Best trailer
1:16:06 Guy Fieri eating to Johnny Cash's "Hurt"
1:21:46 Best live show
1:29:46 Best comic
1:45:05 Best TV show
1:53:30 Best internet video (Great Boars of Fire | Capybara Hot Tub | Simone's Robots | Ice Wolf Song | Alex Jones on Goblins
2:03:10 Speed round (Best YouTube channels | Best movie theatre | Best song | Best website | Best app | Best book | Best use of a Little Tykes picnic table | Best gadget)

Ep #247 | Big Trouble in Little China

Ep #245 | Troublemakers (Part 2)