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The Hourchive is a conversation about everything, one hour at a time.

Ep #285 | The Monster Squad


Guest Hourchivist Jake is back, and fortunately he's brought with him some wooden stakes and silver bullets he made in shop class. Join us in the Hourchive's treetop clubhouse and see if you have what it takes to be a member of the Monster Squad. 

Show Notes
The Prefatorium
01:40 Ep #213 | Nontraditional Games
02:30 Comments: The Percolator | October 18, 2017
04:10 Comments: Ep #284 | Paranormal Communication
04:56 Comments: Ep #282 | Horror Comedies
06:55 We Miss You
07:18 Michael Sembello : Rock Until You Drop
The Hourchive: The Monster Squad
55:37 Dracula's cane
1:03:21 Shadow Company script