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Ep #251 | Sickness

Ep #251 | Sickness

Not feeling well? Warm up a bowl of chicken soup and grab a blanket. In a fitting turn of events, John finds himself locked in the infirmary while the rest of us talk about workplace malady etiquette, being sick boys, and our least favorite germs, bugs, and virii.

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
00:01:25 The Infirmary
00:03:43 The Hourclass
00:06:05 Comment on Episode #250 | Camping
00:07:00 Nick’s wine
00:08:17 Comment on Episode #249 | Futurama

00:10:19 Interlude - Final Fantasy XV - Stand Your Ground (Battle Theme)

The Percolator
00:10:41 Prince’s full catalog available for streaming
00:13:30 The Grammys
00:14:42 Cee Lo Green's Grammy outfit
00:15:50 Cee Lo Green leaving the afterparty
00:16:52 Cee Lo Green's other Grammy outfit
00:18:22 Final Fantasy XV
00:20:33 DLC point/counterpoint
00:21:38 Tetrisphere
00:27:46 Final Fantasy XV car: The Regalia

Trailing On
00:29:10 Lego Ninjago
00:30:46 Netflix’s Marvel’s Iron Fist
00:33:08 Samurai Jack Season 5

00:34:57 Interlude - Adam Buxton, “The Flu Song” 

00:38:28 Maladies in the workplace
00:48:08 Nick's Quarantine Room
00:52:05 Being sick when you’re a kid
00:52:32 Sick boy routines
00:55:53 Gator Tales
00:56:55 Nick’s fever dreams
01:01:34 Being a parent of sick kids
01:07:47 Worst sicknesses
01:20:20 The saga of Adam’s kidney stones
01:36:39 Final thoughts

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70s music provided by: Kevin MacLeod

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Ep #250 | Camping