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Ep #252 | Kingdom of Loathing

An adventurer is us! John and Nick spend time at Doc Galaktik's Medicine Show while Adam and Drew embark on a dangerous quest to free the imprismed King Ralph from the Naughty Sorceress. Grab your favorite familiar and join us!

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
00:01:51 comments on Episode #251 | Sickness
00:02:43 Letter People

00:04:17 Interlude - Jeffery Broussard & the Creole Cowboys, "Zydeco a Pas Sale"

The Percolator
00:06:20 Planet of the Apps
00:09:32 Mardis Gras

00:12:21 Interlude - They Might Be Giants, "I Palindrome I"

00:14:45 What is Kingdom of Loathing?
00:19:57 Scandal of Loathing
00:22:10 The Church of Reset
00:23:47 The Moons of Loathing
00:25:52 Gameplay
00:26:27 Adam lists the character classes
00:29:03 Apathetic Lizardman
00:30:24 Adventures
00:33:45 Food and Booze
00:34:57 Cooking, Cocktailing, Crafting, and Meatpasting
00:39:33 Familiars
00:41:18 Drew’s Familiars
00:46:50 Adam’s Familiars
00:58:18 Map of the Kingdom
01:51:00 Ascensions
01:10:40 Outfits
01:11:42 A Kingdom in Peril
01:15:05 West of Loathing
01:16:58 Final thoughts


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Ep #251 | Sickness

Ep #251 | Sickness