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Ep #263 | Kids in the Hall


This week we look into history and highlights of the groundbreaking Kids in the Hall comedic troop, ponder the general appeal of Canadians, and expose Adam's extensive knowledge of Anne of Green Gables

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
01:55 Comments: Ep #261 | The Atomic Age
04:15 Comments: Ep #262 | Great Songs, Terrible Band Names Mixtape
06:43 Soarin' theme
The Percolator
08:01 Drew's Disneyland surprise
21:07 Kids in the Hall theme
The Hourchive: Kids in the Hall
24:25 Brain Candy
40:14 Buddy Cole
43:32 Steps protest
46:58 Headcrusher
49:55 A drug for giving worms to ex-girlfriends
57:00 Waiting room
01:30:00 The Eradicator
01:10:34 Headcrusher rival
01:11:25 Headcrusher: girls
01:13:20 Chicken lady
01:14:23 Chicken lady at strip show
01:15:01 Chicken lady: homecoming
01:15:59 Nobody likes us
01:17:15 30 Helens agree
01:17:53 It's a fact


Ep #264 | The Princess Bride

Ep #262 | Great Songs, Terrible Band Names Mixtape

Ep #262 | Great Songs, Terrible Band Names Mixtape