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Ep #264 | The Princess Bride

We invite you to join us in the fire swamp this week, accompanied by guest Hourchivist and somnambulist Kelly, as we highlight some movie from 1987 that someone probably made you watch while you were sick as a kid. Turn off R.B.I. Baseball and enjoy a storybook story.  

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
05:01 Comments: Ep #263 | Kids in the Hall
10:14 ELO: Mr. Blue Sky
The Percolator
12:26 *Spoiler Alert* Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
13:11 *Extreme Spoiler Alert* 
23:26 *End Spoilers*
37:200 Mark Knopfler: Storybook Love
The Hourchive: The Princess Bride
01:16:34 The Crimson Petal

Clean edit

Ep #265 | Music Television

Ep #265 | Music Television

Ep #263 | Kids in the Hall