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Ep #268 | Edgar Wright

Okay, here's the plan. First things first, we'll give flowey and the rest the old read-out. Then jump into the marinade for a bit of frictionless folly. And follow that up with a bandy about the slackers, zombies, coppers, ex-boyfriends, and rat-arsed. And we'll wash it all down with a Cornetto. Solid gold easy action.

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Show Notes

The Prefatorium
01:05 Comments: Ep #266 | Wine
05:11 Niel Cicieraga
08:08 Comments: Ep #267 | Weird Al Yankovic
12:30 Trapped in the Closet Chapters 1 - 22
19:23 Interlude - Niel Cicierega - Mouth Sounds

The Percolator
20:50 Marinate/Percolate/Steep
24:10 Stephen Fry - Language
27:30 Frictionless Folly
36:12 Apple Cubes
40:00 Interlude - Sex Bob-Omb - We Are Sex Bob-Omb

Feature: Edgar Wright
49:20 Nick’s spilled beer
50:48 Spaced
52:15 Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy
52:51 *Spoiler Alert* All of Edgar Wright’s movies
53:03 *Extreme Spoiler Alert* All of Edgar Wright’s movies
57:16 Shaun of the Dead
1:05:45 Hot Fuzz
1:22:00 Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
1:40:35 The World’s End
*End of spoilers*

Clean Edit

Ep #269 | Alternate Reality Games (ARGs)

Ep #269 | Alternate Reality Games (ARGs)

Ep #267 | "Weird Al" Yankovic