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The Hourchive is a conversation about everything, one hour at a time.

Ep #269 | Alternate Reality Games (ARGs)

This week we're taking a detailed look alternate reality games, but you'll have to fight Drew to a payphone if you want to hear it. We're also introducing a new segment to the show, going gambling with Adam, and getting to the bottom of the Edgar Wright/Ant-Man controversy. 

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
01:43 Comments: Ep #267 | "Weird Al" Yankovic
04:35 Comments: Ep #268 | Edgar Wright
14:25 Bouncing Souls: Punks in Vegas
The Percolator
21:37 Hulk Hogan passes the torch to Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania VI
28:52 Backlot River Tour at MGM Grand Adventures
29:12 Circus Circus Adventuredome
31:28 Nine Inch Nails: The Beginning of the End
The Hourchive: Alternate Reality Games (ARGs)
33:26 The Top 5 Most Insane ARGs | Cracked
33:30 "I Love Bees" 
49:40 Donnie Darko promotional website
52:35 Nine Inch Nails Year Zero game 
57:18 Year Zero live game performance
59:57 Majestic
1:12:44 Tales from the Cryptographer
1:23:00 Jen's links: Capture the Flag | Hack the Box
1:23:33 Cicada 3301
1:26:57 Alternate reality game subreddit
1:38:36 Ep #16 | The Creeps
1:45:05 Weird thing found in a pub