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The Hourchive is a conversation about everything, one hour at a time.

Ep #311 | Frozen Treats


Angie Villa joins us this week as we stick our heads back in the freezer and revisit frozen treats. Can you guess which of us enjoys a tall glass of milk after a heaping help of ice cream? The answer may surprise you!

Show Notes
02:38 Adam's Slurpee
05:02 New Orleans style Sno-ball
15:00 3 Stooges - An Ache in Every Stake
25:40 Nick drinks a lot of milk (gross)

38:46 Encapsulated - The Express Scripts Podcast

38:55 Adam's ice cream story: Ep #251 | Sickness
42:30 Ice Cream Soup
46:24 Ben & Jerry's Hourchive flavors
55:22 eLISTination: Ice Cream truck desserts

1:15:46 Ambassador's of Harmony - Saturday June 16th
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