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Ep #266 | Wine (Clean Edit)

Savor some strong tannins and even stronger comments as we get uncorked with guest Hourchivists Hannah and Travis and take a big swig of wine knowledge. 

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
03:48 Comments: Ep #265 | Music Television
17:38 Band of Horses: Dumpster World
The Percolator
19:54 The Chris Gethart Show: One Man's Trash
25:26 Gaki No Tsukai Gorenjai
34:14 Trailing On: Logan Lucky | Detour | Murder on the Orient Express | What Happened to Monday? | Okja
48:08 The Replacements: Red Red Wine
The Hourchive: Wine
49:02 Drew's card | Front | Inside
55:38 Ep #35 | Summer Refreshments wine discussion
58:54 Coffee mug wine
1:17:20 The "Moneyball" of Wine
1:31:25 Classes at The Wine Merchant
1:35:45 Grape lady falls
1:39:05 French Kiss wine scene 

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