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Stephen King | Ep #69

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Stephen King once dubbed himself the "literary equivalent of a Big Mac and fries." Obviously we're doing an episode on him.  
Show Notes: 
01:10 The fingerpop 
02:30 Novellas vs. short stories
04:26 The Stephen King phase
04:48 Pet Sematary trailer
07:01 The Stephen King ouvre
07:25 Carrie
08:18 The Bachman books
09:40 The Dark Half
10:57 Horror vs. terror vs. the gross-out
11:32 Danse Macabre
13:05 The Plant
14:11 Rock Bottom Remainders (see also: Side Projects and Concept Bands | Ep #62)
14:35 Maximum Overdrive
14:48 Stephen King vs. an ATM
15:25 Interlude: Ramones: "Pet Sematary"
22:08 The Shining 
22:12 The Shinning
24:40 Carrie (1976)
29:45 Interlude: Joe Cornish: "The Shining"
30:40 The Dark Tower
33:16 The Stephen King universe
34:10 Hearts in Atlantis
35:37 The Stand
39:30 Interlude: Ben E. King: "Stand By Me"
40:17 The Body / Stand By Me
48:36 The pie eating contest (see also: Carnivals and Fairs | Ep #38)
54:00 It
56:08 The Mist (see also: Modern Movie Monsters | Ep #07)

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Stephen King | Ep #69