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A conversation about everything, one hour at a time

The Hourchive is a conversation about everything, one hour at a time.

Addendums 14 (Part 1) | Eps #211-216

Guest Hourchivists Adam and Ashley are back to help us revisit the first half of the most recent season of Hourchive episodes, as well as address new topics like Pokemon Go and a whole bunch of stuff that Drew hates. Thank goodness Ashley brought cookies. 

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Show Notes
The Prefatorium
05:50 Comments: Ep #225 | Trailing On

10:20 Sleater-Kinney: One More Hour 

Feature: Addendums
12:04 Ep #211 | Hotels
26:01 Ep #212 | Resorts
29:01 Ep #213 | Nontraditional Games
29:18 Oregon Trail Card Game
46:28 Ep #214 | Desserts
1:04:04 Ep #215 | The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
1:17:50 Ep #216 | Fitness